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Domestic Violence Charge can be Fatal – Seek Legal Assistance

Battery charge is serious. This is difficult to fight off. Such a charge can lead to marital counseling or anger management. A restraining order is not uncommon either. You may even go to jail for battery charges.

In Nevada, battery charges are taken seriously. Once someone is arrested for this, the prosecutor will press the charge. This is a fact in all of the cases. A lawsuit takes place, even when the victim is unwilling to further with the process.

This is a criminal charge. If you are convicted and spend time in jail, your professional and personal life will be affected as well. To begin with, employment may become a bit difficult to obtain with a criminal record. If you are falsely accused and you can be, do not think that the lawsuit will not be pursued. The prosecutor will try the best to convict you. In case they find evidence, it will be easier to get a guilty verdict.

Due to this, you need to get in touch with the competent domestic violence lawyers in Las Vegas. This is not a charge that you can handle without legal assistance. Criminal law is complicated and you will require in-depth knowledge of law to know how to handle the lawsuit.

You can be charged with battery for beating up your spouse or former spouse. If you abuse a minor, you will be charged with battery as well. This charge can be brought for abusing someone who is living with you under the same roof. To be charged with this you need to touch a close relative in offensive way.

When charged with the battery allegation, you should not accept the charge. Make sure to remain silent when asked about the allegation. It is important that you fight the charge and get in touch with a competent criminal defense lawyer to deal with your lawsuit.

Do not talk to anyone regarding this. In addition, measure your words. Anything you say may get used in the court and help in getting a guilty verdict. This is the reason you should have your lawyer present while answering any question.

To defend you, the lawyer will have to establish that the battery had occurred in self defense. However, for this to work, you need to show that the victim is physically stronger than you are. There is another way of dismissing the charge. The lawyer can prove that the allegation was false. For this the lawyer needs to be experienced.