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Tips for Securing Long Term Clients

Whether you’re a seasoned sales executive or fresh out of college in your first sales position, securing long term clients is no doubt your first charge. Follow these recommendations from the professionals to turn prospects into long term, loyal clients. Senior management will evaluate client acquisition costs as part of the strategy to increase both profits and revenue. Look for a return on not only your time, but the resources dedicated to securing new clients and retaining existing clients.

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Quality, value, service and relationships are the guiding principles the majority of prospective clients will evaluate when deciding to do business with you and the company you represent. Your efforts to provide excellent service and strong relationships will be key in increasing your customer base.

Securing a client is only half of the equation. Retaining that client, meeting his needs and continuously identifying ways to improve will reinforce their loyalty to you and you company.  If the budget is available, don’t hesitate to reward clients for their business and loyalty. Take advantage of the awesome savings offered by Groupon coupons and secure tickets to sporting events for your clients. Gift baskets, dinners and handwritten notes all go a long way in maintaining strong relationships and connections to your client base.

A substantial amount of work and strategy is required to secure new clients. Continuously growing your client base increases market share, revenue, profits and ultimately your income. If you’re new to sales, seek out the advice of a mentor. Learning from other’s mistakes and successes can be very valuable. Having mentors throughout your sales career will greatly enhance your success and in turn the success of your company. Don’t dismiss the advice from others and always be prepared to learn. Senior sales executives are continuously undergoing training to enhance their skills and learn the newest techniques in the market.  Resources for sales executives are abundant and can greatly enhance your career. Keep an eye on your existing clients while prospecting for new clients and your career will be a success.