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What To Do If You're Arrested In Possession Of Illegal Drugs

Nobody wants to get busted for possession of illegal drugs, but at a time when you can buy pretty much everything you want within one mile’s distance from your home, the chances are many of you will experience issues like this at some point. Of course, taking drugs is bad, and we’d never encourage anyone to do it, but the human race is very complex, and thousands of people are arrested every single year for possession, so avoiding the issues to incredibly silly. You could be at a music festival with a bit of pot, in your car with some cocaine or even in your own home with friends using LSD. Either way, if the police come a-knocking, you need to understand the procedure to ensure you’re treated fairly.

Taking drugs without understanding the law and implications of doing so is also an unwise move. Some people think that certain drugs are less of a concern to police officers than others, and that’s true, but every single illegal substance could land you in jail for a long time in the right circumstances, so knowing prison term recommendations is a good place to start. You can find all this information online. I would have included it in this post, but regulations are different from state to state. (more…)

Hire A Professional To Help You Deal With The WSIB

A workplace injury can be a very scary thing. Often, these injuries don’t simply impact your immediate health and safety; they can also put your income and even your future in jeopardy by compromising your ability to work, temporarily or even permanently. For these reasons and more, it is absolutely, crucially important that you have a high-quality workplace injury lawyer on your side to help you along the way and guide you through the difficult process of recovering the damages and compensation you are owed in the wake of this kind of injury. There is going to be a lot of red tape and a lot of confusion along the way as you deal with the fallout from this incident, which is why you need a lawyer in your corner to show you what to do and help you remain strong, positive, and focused on the task at hand: getting you what you are owed and what you deserve after the injury.

The thing with a workplace injury is you never really know when or how it might occur. It could strike at any time and when that time happens, you need to be prepared and have done your research so you can become a survivor and not a victim. If you’re hurt while at work whether you fall down or something falls on you, it’s best to report the injury to your supervisor right away. If you have to leave the workplace to get medical help, your employer will pay you the wages for the day of the injury. You’re required to file a claim with the WSIB as soon as possible after the injury. Your boss will also need to file a Form 7 claim with the WSIB. Your main focus should be on getting better and feeling better. That is why a workplace injury lawyer from a firm like the Goodman Law Group is required. (more…)