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Finding An Appropriate Lawyer In Ontario Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

There are certain situations in which you may find yourself wondering if you need a lawyer, but the answer to that question is not always as simple as you think. Many people think of hiring a lawyer as a drastic or dramatic gesture that they’ll never actually have to make, but the truth is that there are all sorts of people who may need lawyers for all different reasons.

If you have been injured in a car crash or even a simple slip and fall you may need a personal injury lawyer. If you are charged with a criminal offence such as impaired driving(or a DUI, as it’s known in the United States) you are likely in need of a criminal lawyer. On the other hand, if you yourself have been the victim of a crime it is often the State, or the “Crown,” that prosecutes a case, and you may be looking to make a civil claim for any damages you’ve incurred. (more…)