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Fire Accident Investigation – Collecting Clues from the Fire Site

If you are on the road, fire can break out at anywhere and anytime. It could be an accident or any natural calamity or anything else, but if there is fire, the situation may take a serious turn. Fire does not only destroy things but also creates human casualties as well.

It is said that the life costs more than anything and it is individually true to everyone. However, these days people prefer to get insured by insurance companies for their complete safety coverage. However, money cannot buy everything and so a life cannot be brought back with money. If the accident of the fire has been caused by human negligence or some situation that could be avoided, one can certainly sue the alleged one.

In this case one certainly needs an investigator to get to the core of the matter. In fact, it would certainly be a trouble for someone to set up the case against a company or an individual without investigating the matter properly.

Now, you may certainly like to know why you need an investigator and how he would help you to set the case. If you get into an accident, you may face troubles for a number of issues. It may not be human casualties but physical damages or financial issues may cause troubles. If both the cars are affected then it is needed to examine which one is responsible for that and whether the accident could be avoided.

On the other hand, if fire has destroyed the evidences, no one other than a fire expert can figure out the reason behind it. A fire cause expert can find out the true reasons behind the accident. It is based on the evidence further investigation takes place. If this is a case of accident, the matter goes to insurance agents. However, there are chances that the fire has been a case of human sabotage. This is the case when the case will go to criminal department.

In this issue the most important fact that creates trouble for the investigators is fire itself. Lack of evidences is the main reason for what the case may get dismissed. That is why an arson specialist tries to examine the whole situation by recreating it, part by part. The inspection team with modern facilities like computer simulation and animation can find out the causes behind the massacre faster than any others.

In these cases the affected one also needs to be proven innocent. If that can be proved, you may get back your claims or compensation that you asked for.

What Is An Injury Claim Calculator And How Do I Use One?

An injury claim calculator is a tool used by companies to give you an estimate of the amount you may receive in compensation, if you have a valid personal injury compensation claim.

The problem is, they will all tell you varying amounts for the same injury, their hope being that the more they show, the more likely you are to use them.  Looking at severe brain injuries on several different sites, the calculators showed varying amounts starting at £125,000 and ending up at £317,350 – a huge difference.

The get out clause for them all is they tell you the figure they are quoting is an estimate, no guarantees.  You would expect that to be the case, but you would also expect the estimates to be reasonable and one in particular seems to have achieved just that.  No silly figures, just a reasonable estimate based on what has been awarded historically by the courts in similar cases.

How do I use the injury claim calculator?

There are different types of injury claim calculator.  Many of them are a picture of a skeleton or person, you click on the body part that’s injured and amounts for varying degrees of injury to that body part show up.  Usually these are in the form of a table of figures, fairly easy to understand – providing you understand which category your injury fits into.

Then there are others that ask you a few simple questions, you put in the answers, and almost immediately a figure appears for your injury.

The final figure could be totally different.

Every accident, every injury and every person’s circumstances are unique.

When you are making a personal injury compensation claim, you are not just seeking recompense for your injuries.  There are other aspects that need looking at, such as:

·         Loss of earnings

·         Anxiety and stress

·         Extra medical costs

·         Travel costs

·         Care costs

These, and other things, can all make a difference to the final settlement figure.  For example, you could have an accountant and part time bar person both with the same injury – lets say a broken arm.  They are similar breaks so you would expect them to be awarded similar amounts.  For the injury itself they probably would be, but the accountant earns far more than the part time bar person. So his loss of earnings would be greater, and he would get more for it as part of his personal injury compensation claim.

People have a need to know

What claimants should really do is leave it to the experts.  If you use a good law firm they will ensure that you get the maximum compensation for your

Personal injury claim – no matter what the calculator told you to start with.  Don’t fall for the trick of going to the one quoting the highest figures for your injury, it will often just be a case of the estimate being further away from the reality.