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Claim for Damages If There Is Any Defect in Products

Product liability is the area of law that involves liability of manufacturer, designer and suppliers of products and services that cause injuries to purchasers and users. The injuries mainly result from the defects in the products marketed by them. In Miami this law is formulated so that those responsible for the damages pay the money for injuries that their defective products cause.
A product can be defective in three ways

  • Designing defects: when there is a defect in designing that makes it unsafe
  • Manufacturing defects: when there are flaws in manufacturing process it may result in a substandard product
  • Failure to warn about dangerous nature of the product: It is mandatory that one has to place appropriate warnings if a product is dangerous in some way or other

Defects in products can cause serious injuries as well as death. A consumer experiencing such consequences has every right to make compensation claims. It is difficult to establish a product liability case. Consult with an experienced Miami personal injury attorney to demand product liability compensations.  In a product liability case it is important to establish that

  • Product has some defect
  • Consumer has used the product as per directions, yet the result
  • Consumer suffered injuries because of the defects in the product