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What Are the Common Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents

Truck accidents involving large and semi trucks are some of the most dangerous types of automobile accidents. Such accidents have also become quite common over the past few years. The growing numbers of truck accidents have become a reason of concern. As far as studies show, in 2007 alone there were more than 139,000 non-fatal truck accidents and over 4,500 fatal truck accidents, all over the United States.

Commercial trucks are a lot heavier and much larger than the passenger cars and that is why when the two collide, the passenger car suffers most of the damages. In such accidents, the passenger of the smaller vehicle has little to no chances of survival and even if they do survive, they would be severely injured.

If you have suffered injuries in a truck accident in Austin or anywhere in Texas, get in touch with a semi truck accident lawyer in Austin for filing a truck accident claim. When filing a truck accident claim, it is important to determine what might have caused the accident. There may be several causes behind the truck accidents. Some of the common causes are:

Human error: More often than not, truck accidents are caused by some mistakes on the part of the truck driver. Though truck drivers are generally cautious and they are given proper training on how to drive a truck safely, mistakes do happen. Even a small mistake on the part of the truck driver can cause a serious accident. The driver may fail to abide by traffic rules and may end up causing the accident.

Vehicle overload: Vehicle overload is another common cause of truck accident. Overloaded trucks pose a great threat to both the truck driver and the other vehicles on the road. Heavier trucks will be hard to control and the debris coming loose out of the truck may hit the other vehicles and that may cause the truck to swerve out of the way. Heavier trucks cannot be stopped as quickly and easily. As a result, the truck may flip over or jackknife.

Mechanical defect: The truck accident may be caused by some mechanical defect. For example, if the brakes of the truck are not well maintained, the driver won’t be able to stop the truck in time of an emergency. This way the truck will lose control and may collide with the other vehicles on the road.

Filing a truck accident claim may be a complex process depending on the particular case. That is why you must always hire an attorney who is experienced in handling truck accident cases.