Business Law: 5 Questions To Keep Your Company Protected


In business, legal protection is a 24/7 task.

Unfortunately, one mishap could cost you dearly in your bid to reach the top. Thankfully, keeping your company in perfect shape needn’t be as daunting as you might fear. Use the five questions below for guidance, and your financial and legal protection should never come under threat.

Have I Taken The Necessary Precautions?

Protecting your business isn’t just about physical assets. In truth, your intellectual property is often more valuable than equipment and other items. Registering trademarks, ideas, and branding elements are all vital elements of the operation.

You are the only business that should benefit from that hard work. Sadly, failure to protect yourself at the earliest stage possible could leave you open to victimization. Even if you do eventually rectify the issues, the time and hassle of chasing justice can be a business nightmare. As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Am I Being Mistreated?

As part of those precautions, you will have taken out suitable business insurance. In an ideal world, you’ll never need to use it. But if you do, it’s imperative that you gain the compensation you deserve.

Many mistreated entrepreneurs will accept an inadequate payout. Should your insurer go against their side of the deal, they are breaking the contract. It’s all in black and white, so you are well within your right to push for your entitlement. In most cases, they’ll soon cave once realizing you aren’t prepared to bow down.

Does A Situation Require Expert Help?

There are times in business where issues can be solved internally. However, with so much money at stake, legal action will be required. Those situations could involve employees, customers, or other businesses. In any scenario, getting the best verdict is your only option.

The reality is that professionals like Pearce Webster Lawyers will be needed to do this. Let’s face it; an experienced attorney in business law will represent your case in a far more effective manner. Besides, taking on the challenge yourself will distract you from work.

Have The Financial Obligations Been Respected?

Paying business taxes is undoubtedly one of the worst aspects of running a company. Unfortunately, they’re unavoidable, so ensuring that everything is above board is key. Frankly, making a mistake is the last thing you want to do.

Monitoring financial situations is easier than ever, especially with Apps like 1Tap Receipts. Nevertheless, hiring an accountant should be considered compulsory. Not only will it provide the emotional security of knowing things have been filed properly, but it will often save you time and money in the long run too.

Are My Services 100% Honest?

As a business, you need to conduct your work with transparency. Misleading clients or providing inaccurate information can quickly come back to bite you. Likewise, you must be sure that anything you say or do is free from libel or scandal.

Aside from the financial fallout of facing a legal battle, those issues could damage the company’s reputation. Worse still, bouncing back from that episode could prove impossible.

Tips for Securing Long Term Clients

Whether you’re a seasoned sales executive or fresh out of college in your first sales position, securing long term clients is no doubt your first charge. Follow these recommendations from the professionals to turn prospects into long term, loyal clients. Senior management will evaluate client acquisition costs as part of the strategy to increase both profits and revenue. Look for a return on not only your time, but the resources dedicated to securing new clients and retaining existing clients.

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Quality, value, service and relationships are the guiding principles the majority of prospective clients will evaluate when deciding to do business with you and the company you represent. Your efforts to provide excellent service and strong relationships will be key in increasing your customer base.

Securing a client is only half of the equation. Retaining that client, meeting his needs and continuously identifying ways to improve will reinforce their loyalty to you and you company.  If the budget is available, don’t hesitate to reward clients for their business and loyalty. Take advantage of the awesome savings offered by Groupon coupons and secure tickets to sporting events for your clients. Gift baskets, dinners and handwritten notes all go a long way in maintaining strong relationships and connections to your client base.

A substantial amount of work and strategy is required to secure new clients. Continuously growing your client base increases market share, revenue, profits and ultimately your income. If you’re new to sales, seek out the advice of a mentor. Learning from other’s mistakes and successes can be very valuable. Having mentors throughout your sales career will greatly enhance your success and in turn the success of your company. Don’t dismiss the advice from others and always be prepared to learn. Senior sales executives are continuously undergoing training to enhance their skills and learn the newest techniques in the market.  Resources for sales executives are abundant and can greatly enhance your career. Keep an eye on your existing clients while prospecting for new clients and your career will be a success.

How to Relax After a Long Trial

If you are the type of person who puts your all into your work, you likely get a little beat up during long trials. Rather than let your body fall apart during a long trial, you should definitely consider ways in which you can enhance your health during and after the trial’s completion. If you are new to the concept of massage, it is certainly worth exploring the different types that may be able to help you out.


Whether you are a novice or an experience trial lawyer, it is easy to get so involved in a case that you forget to take care of your own well-being. We all care about our clients’ long-term success, and we sometimes sacrifice our own short-term well-being to achieve that. But it is important that you do not sacrifice your own health to the extend that it ends up affecting you long-term.

Before you let your health suffer because of a court case, take yourself to a massage parlor for a rejuvenating massage. If you are new to massage, there are many different types for you to consider. Some may feel good in the moment, like hot rocks and shiatsu. Others, like deep tissue massage, may be extremely painful in the moment, but end up providing long-term benefits that are worth being in pain for an hour. Yet another type of massage is couples or group, in which you can socialize with your loved ones while you all relax. If you are short on time, this can be a great way to build in time with your special someone while making sure you both feel good.

You will love going to massage during and after trials once you give it a try. Massage does not just make you feel good in the moment. Quite the contrary – it often causes pain in the moment, in exchange for long-term benefits. If long-term gain is what you seek, you should definitely go to massage after you wrap up a long case, because this is one of the only ways you are going to be able to move forward and remain in optimal health.

What to Do During Traffic Stop?

Being pulled over for a traffic infraction is very common, and will most likely happen to everyone at some point in their driving careers. Whether they were speeding or involved in a collision, the odds are good that they will be issued a citation. This bears many potentially negative consequences, as your traffic record can follow you for years to come, even affecting your ability to hold a driver’s license and auto insurance.

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When you get pulled over, be sure to comply with the police officer, being as polite and respectful as possible. Often, if you are simply calm and courteous, officers will merely let you off with a warning.

However, do not say anything about the infraction, or admit any sort of fault. Generally, they will come up and ask “Do you know how fast you were going?” or “Do you know why I am pulling you over?” If they present these questions to you, simply answer “No.” Do not go further into the matter, as they may be trying to get you to incriminate yourself. In fact, they may not have been sure what was going on themselves, and want to see if you will admit to the wrongdoing.

This is key, because afterwards you will want to decide whether or not you want to take the case to court. If you have admitted fault, this will make your case much weaker.

A variety of factors play into whether or not it is a good idea to take a case to court:

  1. Has an expensive fine been levied against you?
  2. Was this a collision, and where other people involved?
  3. Was the officer wrong, or exaggerating their claim?

If the answer to any or all of these questions is “yes”, it may be a very good idea to go to court. By doing so, you can potentially get the fine lowered, or not have points added on (should that be the case). With the build up of enough points, you can lose your license entirely, so it is always a good idea to take such cases to court.

Regardless, it is often prudent to go to court simply because many times the officer does not show up at all. If the officer does not present themselves, you have very good odds of the punishment being reduced or removed, since they are not there to present their side of the case.

In fact, you don’t even need to go to court— Woodgrange Solicitors can go for you, which is often better anyway.

Should you have had a collision in which another person was involved, if you are at fault (or they believe you to be), you will want to hire a lawyer before taking any legal action whatsoever. Without professional advice there is the potential to make mistakes that could cost you down the road.

No matter what your situation is, just keep in mind that it is always in your best interest to be respectful and speak as little as possible. But if you find the consequences unacceptable simply hire an attorney, and in most instances you will be able to achieve a much more favorable outcome.

Do I Have Cause To File A Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

Thousands of people are victim to medical malpractice on a yearly basis, yet the majority don’t sue. Why? The main reason is naivety. Out of the thousands of victims, only a small percentage knows they are victims. The rest either don’t see or understand the signs or pass it off as something else. If you are ever in that position, you want to know so that you can make an informed decision about your health. Otherwise, you might end up paying for another person’s mistake. For your information, here’s how to tell if you have a strong case.

You Have A Fresh Injury

The best sign that you have a problem is a completely new injury. Anyone that goes into the doctor’s and comes out feeling worse is a victim. The reason is that the advice of the physician has caused you to pick up a new ailment. That ailment might be a bad back or a dodgy leg or it might a serious heart condition. Regardless, the reason you have to deal with the injury is their negligence. Not every injury will result in a winnable case, though. The doctor has to prove that they did everything in their power to avoid the mistake. If they can, you might lose.

An Old Injury Is Even Worse

This is something that you need to get your head around very quickly. Just because you have an old injury doesn’t mean you aren’t a victim. The fact is that a physician’s negligence can make that injury even worse than before. And, that can lead to a decline in your living standards. Or, it might lead to higher medical bills because you need more attention to treat the injury. Please don’t assume that you are in the wrong because the injury already exists. If it is worse, you should call a lawyer.


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An Expert Says You Have A Case

What is great about medicine is that you don’t have to rely on doctors for an evaluation. As it happens, there are plenty of lawyers that can tell you whether you have a case. And, a medical malpractice lawyer tends to have an unbiased view on the case. Sure, they will make money out of the case if you win. But, only if you win, so they won’t bother if it isn’t worth their time. A medical professional isn’t always the best place to turn because they don’t understand the law. Medicine and law are two different things, and you need a lawyer for that reason.

Your Doctors Ignore Your Questions

Doctors know when they have made a mistake. Some of them own up to the mistake and say it is their fault. Most of them, however, won’t admit guilt because that is definite. Instead, they will avoid you at all costs and hope that the issue goes away. Although it won’t stand up in court, it is a good sign that you are a victim. Doctors are hard to hold of, yet they aren’t ignorant. An ignorant doctor is a potentially guilty doctor.

Can you relate to any of the above? If so, you might have a strong case.

Important Tips In Protecting Yourself From The Misconduct Of Others

In most cases, we might imagine that we need a lawyer because we have done something wrong. We would like to think that that’s a reasonable consideration to make. However, it’s not always the case. We also need legal advice to protect us from those who would do us harm. Not your everyday criminals. Rather, those who can cause us to lose money, suffer injury and cause inconvenience. In this article, we’re going to look at four such parties. Why you should be wary of them and how you need to protect yourself from the harm they can cause.



Dangers on the road

One of the most prevalent amongst the list relates to drivers. A lot of us don’t imagine we’ll ever be involved in a serious crash. However, they remain the most common cause of accidental deaths and account for millions of other injuries and incidents. It’s best to hire a lawyer to help you ensure responsibility is taken. And to receive compensation for any damage or injury. However, it’s a good to be informed yourself, as well. To recognize dangers on the road. To note down important details on a crash you may later rely on. Even to procure your own medical bills to get the right compensation.

Dealing with police

We don’t like to think that the police are not on our side. The majority of them are certainly trying to do their job as mindfully as they can. However, those who are less inclined are still prevalent. If you find yourself in a position where you have suffered police misconduct, it can seem difficult to come out on top. However, a well-seasoned lawyer will be able to tell you the right way about pursuing your complaint. As well as how to deal with the police in general.

Medical malpractice

Wrong treatment in the healthcare industry isn’t often quite that intentional. However, as they have a duty to be responsible for your care, they still have to be held responsible. Learn how to recognize malpractice and keep a medical malpractice lawyer in mind if you’re undergoing treatment. Whether it’s a doctor, nurse or a pharmacist, they all have a responsibility to you. So, too, do the drug manufacturers. Suits against manufacturers are becoming more prevalent. Particularly for unexpected side effects and suffering caused by drugs. If your treatment goes wrong, you might not be as out of options as you believe.

A fair divorce

Out of all the people who might hurt us, we don’t want to think of it from the people that we love. However, divorces can be messy. It is often the lawyers on the opposing side who can make it that messy. The idea of having legal help in dissecting your marriage and coming out on top might not be a pleasant one. However, it is necessary if what you want is the fair result of a divorce. Or if you believe you are the wronged party, a lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Has Your Insurer Held Up Their Side Of The Contract?

There are many kinds of insurance, and there is no limit to the amount of things you can insure if you want to. However, there are some basic things which ties all kinds of insurance together. One example of this is the existence of a contract. No matter what insurance you get, there will be a contract signed between you and the insurer. This is true whether you are talking about car insurance, home insurance or even holiday insurance. Of course, contracts are a binding legal document. As such, if either party breaks it, they are in effect breaking the law. However, sometimes it is the insurance company which breaks a contract. This occurs more often than you probably think. The truth is, insurers do not always live up to their own contracts. But what can you do if you discover that your insurance provider has broken the contract? And how do you know that it has happened? To answer these questions, we have put together this short post.

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Stalling On A Decision

There are many ways in which an insurer can fail to hold up their side of the contract. One such example is if they unreasonably stall on making a decision for an extended period of time. It can be difficult, as a layperson, to know whether a sufficient amount of time has passed or not to warrant this. That’s why it is always worth hiring a solicitor to look into the matter for you. However, if you feel that the claim has gone on for too long and needlessly, then always speak to the insurance provider first. They might have a reasonable explanation.

Denying A Legitimate Claim

If your insurer denies a claim which it knows to be genuine and above board, then that is a clear example of insurance bad faith. Doing so is a breach of the contract and a serious offence. As such, in these circumstances, you should always hire a lawyer to investigate matters for you. Of course, it might not always be immediately clear whether the insurer was aware that the claim was genuine or not. Either way, it is probably worth looking into, as it does happen from time to time. You never know what is going on behind closed doors, so it might be worth investigating. Seek legal help if you do decide to do this.


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Asking For Unreasonable Actions

A normal part of any insurance claim is that they will ask you for evidence that your claim is genuine. As an example, let’s take travel insurance. If you say your flight was cancelled, disabling you from travelling, then your insurer will ask for evidence of the cancelled flight. This is a measure to curtail insurance fraud, and it is good practice. However, it might sometimes be the case that an insurer asks you for an unreasonable amount of evidence. Alternatively, they might harass you about matters which are not entirely relevant to the claim. If this happens, then they might be breaching the contract, and you should seek legal advice.